New Exhibitions April 2014

New Exhibitions April 2014

After the exhibition“Light Begins in Darkness” (in collaboration with photographer José Plácido Domingo) presented in Mexico City, New York and Miami in 2013, Natasha Gray invites us to have a look into her new creation in a solo show at the Contemporary Art Museum in Mérida, Yucatán, México; opening april 2014.

After a year of investigation and work, the art pieces here presented allow us to come in contact with a natural wonder known as a Murmuration. Thousands of small Black birds unite at sunset forming one enormous and invencible bird, a black sun that will protect them against predators.

The exhibit consists of three large mobiles made of more than 2000 fabric and metal birds, as well as photographs with wire drawings, sheet metal pieces and ink drawings.

This work is poetic, reminiscent of oriental aesthetics, delicate and orderly, revealing profound concepts like those of unity, community and courage.
Natasha Gray succeeds in taking us to a place where the beautiful wisdom of unity represents survival.

Contemporary Art Museum of Yucatán (MACAY)
Calle 60 502, Centro Mérida, Yucatán
01 999 928 3258
Opens april 11 until June 2014


As the sun sets and silence grows, the most vulnerable are enveloped in darkness. Thousands of small black birds hastily gather creating enormous waves of shelter. A murmuration.Together they aren’t small any more. Together they become an illusion of force and power which keeps predators at bay. Individuals dissolve uniting into a colossal, invincible bird.

Murmuration. The continuous sound of waves in the ocean, wind in the desert or birds striving to survive. A reminder of life, union and rhythm.

Nature is always the starting point of my work. I stay alert trying not to miss out on anything. So much beauty, so much wisdom. Something resounds inside of me and I cannot drive it away.

I start on my quest for the techniques and materials which will allow me to develop my ideas. I don’t look for an easy route and I am in no hurry; I frequently undo what I have done and start from the beginning.

Sharing my amazement for life is my greatest satisfaction.

Natasha Gray